Shure BLX14/SM31 Headworn Wireless System with SM31FH Fitness Headset Microphone

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The Shure BLX14/SM31 Headset system is made for an active environment such as aerobics instruction and other athletic classes such as Barre, Orange Theory, Revolution Class Passes.

This unit is equipped with sweat wicking, secure and comfortable materials that can protect the microphone.

Not an aerobic fitness instructor? Not a problem because Shure microphone systems are used for multitude of functions such as public speaking, MC events and for live stage use. Because of the materials used for fitness and active wear, the BLX14/SM31 is highly recommended over other headset units for ease of use and comfort.

Don't let other headset systems wreck your event or show because the metal wire was digging into you or it was sliding off your head. Get the Shure BLX14/SM31 Active Headset Wireless System.

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