Shure ULXD24/Beta87C Digital Wireless Microphone

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ULXD24/Beta 87C thu ¯?c dòng Shure World Tour Series, m ¯?t trong nh ¯?ng dòng micro Ž? ¯?nh c ¯?a Shure.V ¯?i h ¯? th ¯?ng 1400 bŽŸng t §?n c ¯ñc r ¯?ng Ž? ¯Ÿ l ¯ña ch ¯?n, ch’ø’­ng trình bi ¯Ÿu di ¯?n c ¯?a b §­n luôn hoàn h §œo  ¯? b §?t k ¯? n’­i nào. Beta 87C là micro chuyên nghi ¯?p Ž?’ø ¯œc s ¯ñ tin c §?y c ¯?a các ca sŽ?, ban nh §­c  n ¯?i ti §¨ng nh’ø  Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Bee Geees, The Eagles trong t §?t c §œ các bu ¯?i bi ¯Ÿu di ¯?n l ¯?n nh ¯? và các chuy §¨n l’øu di ¯?n. Beta 87C Ž? §œm b §œo ch §?t l’ø’­ng âm thanh luôn luôn trong tr §¯o, khán gi §œ s §« ch ¯? c §œm nh §?n tr ¯?n v §?n gi ¯?ng c ¯?a b §­n dù  ¯? n’­i  ¯?n ào nh §?t. Beta 87C c??ng là micro ’øu vi ¯?t chuyên dùng Ž? ¯Ÿ thu âm. ULXD24/Beta 87C là l ¯ña ch ¯?n Ž?úng Ž? §?n nh §?t Ž? ¯Ÿ qu §œng bá gi ¯?ng hát tuy ¯?t v ¯?i c ¯?a b §­n t ¯® c ¯?ng Ž? ¯?ng Ž? ¯?n qu ¯?c t §¨. 

Bao g ¯?m ULXD2/B87C micro c §?m tay, ULXD4 receiver, microphone clip, dây kéo túi, 2 pin AA, \hai 1/2 ŽŸng-ten sóng, hai 'cáp BNC, 2 BNC adapter vách ngŽŸn, b ¯? rackmount, 5' 2 ethernet cáp, và sách h’ø ¯?ng d §®n ng’ø ¯?i dùng. 

L’øu ý: power adapter dùng ch ¯? dùng cho US vol. N §¨u b §­n c §?n power adapter s ¯? d ¯?ng  ¯? các n’ø ¯?c khác, xin liên l §­c v ¯?i công ty chúng tôi 1-800-535-4232 


The Shure ULXD24/B87C Digital Wireless Beta 87C Microphone System offers uncompromising audio clarity and extremely efficient RF performance with rugged, intelligent, encryption-enabled hardware. Advanced rechargeability options eliminate the need for disposable batteries while extending usage times and life cycle. Generations ahead of any other available system in its class, the Shure ULX-D Digital brings a new level of performance to professional sound reinforcement.


  • A complete digital wireless microphone system designed to give you top-quality sound and unrivaled performance
  • 24-bit/48kHz digital resolution provides professional-grade audio quality that's impervious to analog interference 
  • Shure's ULXD4 digital wireless receiver features a large LCD screen, networkable configuration, and premium audio output
  • Shure's ULXD2 wireless handheld transmitter provides full 20Hz-20kHz audio with automatic Gain Ranging for maximum condensers transmission
  • Cardioid Beta 87C condenser microphone capsule brings studio-style clarity to your vocals onstage
  • Rechargeable battery (not included) provides over 12 hours of battery life

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