3-Way Speakers for Karaoke

3-Way Speakers for Karaoke

Eight out of ten customers think that all speakers are the same. This is not true.

There are various types of speakers: car speakers, home theater speakers, live sound speakers, monitor speakers, studio speakers and so on.

For karaoke purposes, we recommend 3 way speakers. These could be loudspeakers, powered speakers or even passive speakers.

The sound is much different than live sound speakers which tends to be 2 way speakers. The main difference is the mid range that makes up a 3 way speaker. 2 way speakers do not have a mid range.

For karaoke enthusiasts, that mid range creates a helping hand and produces that extra added vocal power that a vocalist might lack.

When you sing out of the wrong type of speaker, most customers complain that their voice sounds weak, there's not enough 'air', sounds flat and muddled. Some complain of distortion.

Next time, try a 3 Way speaker and hear the difference it makes to your voice.

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