Wattage for Mixing Amps and Speakers

Wattage for Mixing Amps and Speakers

Almost everyone knows that speakers require power. An amplifier is the product that powers speakers.

The wattage of an amp must be compatible with the wattage of a speaker.

If your amp is 1000 Watts, but your speaker is 400 Watts, you have a problem. Overpowering your speakers can cause the following problems:

1. Cutting in and out of audio

2. Distortion of audio.

3. Cause damage to your speakers.

If your speakers are too powerful compared to your amp, you can experience:

1. Amp will shut down and power on. Eventually will damage amp.

2. Audio sounds weak.

So if you are looking for an amp and speaker combo, make sure the wattage of both units are comparable.

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