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VocoPro HD-Oke Add-On For Sound Bars & Home Theater Systems with HDMI Connections

VocoPro HD-Oke Add-On For Sound Bars & Home Theater Systems with HDMI Connections

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Trying to get more entertainment value to your sound bar or home theater system? How about karaoke? VocoPro's new HD-Oke is a great way to add karaoke for HDMI enabled home theater sound systems

Now you'll be able to perform a huge selection of karaoke tracks off the internet with apps such as YouTube™ and Vemo™ on streaming devices like Roku™ or AppleTV™ or you can subscribe to the Karaoke Channel™ through your local cable TV or satellite provider. Getting connected is easy: simply patch the HD-Oke in-between the streaming device or set-top cable box to your HDMI enabled receiver or soundbar.

We've also included two professional wired microphones, so duet performances are possible right out of the box. With the four vocal effect presets you will sound your best, even without a sound technician. It even includes a Vocal Eliminator to reduce the lead vocals out of non-karaoke tracks, so you can be the star of your own show!

Now you're ready to host an epic karaoke night with access to thousands of tracks off the internet ranging from oldies to the latest pop hits! Keep your friends and family entertained for hours with VocoPro's HD-Oke!


  • HD In Can Accept Audio/Video from HD Set Top Boxes or HD Satellite TV Receivers
  • HD Out Sends the Combined Audio and Video to a Receiver or Sound Bar with an HDMI Input
  • Includes Two Wired Microphones
  • Vocal Eliminator Function Reduces Lead Vocals of Non-Karaoke Songs
  • New Generation DSP Microphone Effects
  • Dual 1/4" Microphone Inputs Available
  • Low Latency Analog-To-Digital Conversion for Microphone HDMI Output*
  • *Latency is determined by output device processing power. An HDMI receiver will have the quickest digital-to-analog conversion, which provides the lowest latency. VocoPro does not recommend using a TV as the output device for audio.

Rear Panel Connectors:

  • Power in
  • 1/8" line in
  • 1/8" line out
  • HD IN
  • HD OUT
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