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ImPro MA-8 1800W Mixing Amplifier Bundle with ImPro UHF-88MXR Wireless Microphones

ImPro MA-8 1800W Mixing Amplifier Bundle with ImPro UHF-88MXR Wireless Microphones

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Step into a harmonized world where superior sound quality meets innovative wireless capability with the ImPro MA-8 & UHF-88MXR Karaoke Convergence Bundle. A culmination of meticulous design, this ensemble marries the resonating prowess of the MA-8 Pro 1800Watt Mixing Amplifier with the dynamic adaptability of the UHF-88MXR Professional Wireless Microphones. The result? An unparalleled audio experience tailored for both intimate sessions and expansive gatherings.

Harness the strength of the MA-8 Pro's 1800 Watts, where each musical note and vocal strain is accentuated with clarity and precision. The built-in touchscreen elevates user experience, allowing performers to artfully craft their sound profile with precision, while the wide variety of input options integrates seamlessly with modern entertainment mediums. From HDMI to Bluetooth, whether it's nostalgic DVDs or current streaming hits, the MA-8 Pro stands as a testament to how technology can enhance our musical endeavors.

Meanwhile, the UHF-88MXR isn't just any wireless microphone. It's a testament to how freedom and functionality can coexist. Say goodbye to the constraints of cables and step into a realm where your mobile device can pair directly, enabling spontaneous sing-alongs to your favorite tracks. Enjoy the built-in echo effect, adding a touch of flair to your vocals, while the microphone's 80-foot range and gain boost ensure that your voice carries with authenticity and vigor, regardless of your surroundings.

When combined, the MA-8 Pro and UHF-88MXR don't just function as two separate entities. They come together to form a singular, cohesive system. A system that resonates with the aspirations of vocalists, the passion of karaoke enthusiasts, and the precision demanded by professionals. The ImPro MA-8 & UHF-88MXR Bundle invites you to redefine your audio encounters, immersing you in a sonic journey where your voice is the hero and the music is the landscape. Welcome to a new echelon of karaoke and performance artistry.


1. Powerful Sound with Enhanced Clarity:

Dive into an enriching audio experience with the MA-8 Pro's impressive 1800 Watts at 8 Ohms, perfectly paired with the UHF-88MXR’s gain boost. This combination ensures that every performance, from laid-back sessions to spirited karaoke nights, is marked by unmistakable clarity, depth, and power, offering a captivating auditory journey for both performers and audiences alike.

2. Unbridled Wireless Experience:

Revel in the liberation from cabling constraints, thanks to the UHF-88MXR wireless microphones and the MA-8 Pro’s built-in wireless mic system. With a considerable 200-foot and 80-foot range respectively, performers can engage, move, and entertain with unprecedented freedom. The UHF-88MXR’s 6-hour battery life and rechargeable design ensure that the melodies flow uninterrupted.

3. Interactive Touch Screen & Sound Customization:

The MA-8 Pro's 4.3" intuitive touchscreen transforms sound customization into a tactile, interactive experience. Seamlessly cycle through eight EQ presets, make granular audio adjustments, and elevate your sonic output. With options to fine-tune Echo, Reverb, and Pitch, and the UHF-88MXR’s built-in echo feature, your vocals are not just heard but felt, echoing with precision and personality.

4. Bluetooth Connectivity and Mobile Integration:

The UHF-88MXR stands as a bridge between traditional performance and modern technology with its Bluetooth compatibility. Pair it with mobile devices for an integrated experience, where your cherished playlists become the backdrop to impassioned performances. The MA-8 Pro complements this by accommodating a myriad of input options, ensuring that every device, every song, every note finds its place.

5. Multifaceted Input and Comprehensive Compatibility:

This bundle is a nexus of connectivity. The MA-8 Pro is equipped with HDMI, RCA, Bluetooth, and Optical input options. Whether it’s a cherished classic on DVD or a trendy hit streamed via Bluetooth, every genre, every era of music is welcome. The UHF-88MXR, with its selectable frequencies from the UHF 500 MHz range, ensures that this comprehensive compatibility is matched with adaptability, ready to resonate in any environment.

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