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ImPro PMA-9800 1600W Mixing Amplifier Bundle with ImPro UHF-88II Wireless Microphones

ImPro PMA-9800 1600W Mixing Amplifier Bundle with ImPro UHF-88II Wireless Microphones

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Elevate your audio experience to unparalleled heights with the ImPro Ultimate Karaoke Bundle, featuring the cutting-edge ImPro UHF-88II Wireless Microphones and the powerful ImPro PMA-9800 1600W Mixing Amplifier. This dynamic duo is specially designed for karaoke enthusiasts, entertainment venues, and professional settings, offering an unbeatable combination of versatility, clarity, and control.

The UHF-88II, the latest addition to the world of wireless microphones, is a game-changer in the karaoke scene. With its unique built-in vocal enhancer, this microphone set allows you to adjust treble, bass, and echo instantly, ensuring your voice shines without the need for complex equipment. Its wireless design, coupled with two microphones and a receiver, offers the freedom and flexibility for dual performances, making it perfect for duets and collaborative singing sessions.

Complementing the UHF-88II is the ImPro PMA-9800 Mixing Amplifier, a masterpiece in audio amplification. Engineered for superior sound clarity and power, this 1600W amplifier is the heart of any audio setup. Its robust design and intuitive interface make it a dependable and user-friendly choice for a variety of venues. From karaoke sessions to speaking engagements, the PMA-9800 adapts to your needs with its versatile connectivity options and sophisticated equalizer system.

Together, the UHF-88II Wireless Microphones and PMA-9800 Mixing Amplifier create an unmatched karaoke and audio experience. This bundle is not just about high-quality equipment; it's about creating memorable moments, whether you're singing your heart out, addressing a crowd, or providing entertainment in any setting.

Discover the perfect harmony of technology and entertainment with the ImPro Ultimate Karaoke Bundle - where every performance becomes a showstopper.


  1. Dual-System Wireless Freedom: The UHF-88II microphones offer a seamless, cable-free experience with a UHF professional automatic frequency technology, ensuring stable and crystal-clear vocal transmission for up to 100 meters. Paired with the PMA-9800's Bluetooth connectivity, this bundle grants performers the liberty to move freely without sacrificing sound quality, making it ideal for dynamic performances and interactive events.

  2. Advanced Vocal Enhancement & Echo Control: Elevate your vocal performance with the UHF-88II's built-in vocal enhancer, allowing instant adjustments to treble, bass, and echo for that perfect sound. The PMA-9800 complements this with intelligent echo control technology, enabling precise echo level settings to suit different venue sizes, thus enhancing the warmth and depth of your performance.

  3. High-Capacity, Long-Endurance Power: With an 1800 mAh long-lasting lithium battery in the UHF-88II microphones, performers enjoy extended use without the worry of power loss. The PMA-9800's robust power output of 1600W ensures that even the most demanding audio delivery is handled with ease, providing reliable and consistent performance through every event.

  4. Intuitive Interfaces & Intelligent Displays: Both the UHF-88II microphones and the PMA-9800 amplifier feature sophisticated LCD digital displays for easy monitoring and control. The UHF-88II displays key information at a glance for effortless operation, while the PMA-9800 offers a user-friendly interface with dedicated controls for volume and sound customization, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free audio management experience.

  5. Multi-Device Compatibility & Superior Sound Quality: This bundle supports multiple microphone connections simultaneously, ensuring no crosstalk or interference, perfect for multi-performer setups. The PMA-9800's versatile input channels and comprehensive tone adjustment capabilities mean that any device or instrument can be integrated with ease, delivering high-fidelity sound tailored for any genre or performance style.

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