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ImPro PMA-1200 1200Watt Karaoke Mixing Amplifier

ImPro PMA-1200 1200Watt Karaoke Mixing Amplifier

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The world of karaoke is changing with the Impro PMA-1200 Mixing Amplifier. Sing from your Smart TV by easily connecting to the built in digital optical input of the PMA-1200. No TV? No problem. This unit has a strong Bluetooth range so you can stream audio from any smart device. Just pair your smart device and you will hear music through the karaoke system.

This unit features a powerful 1200 watts of power and 6 ¼” Mic Inputs. The built in digital vocal echo with repeat and delay effects allows singers to add sound effects during their performance. A 10 band graphic equalizer allows singers to adjust their voice to suit their tastes while they sing. Mid range vocal adjustment lets you boost or cut specific frequencies of your voice for better clarity when singing on key.

The PMA-1200 also includes mid range vocal adjustment and hi/low music and mic controls that allow you to tailor your sound so it sounds great whether you are singing an R&B song or a country ballad! Subwoofer output enables you to connect an external subwoofer for deep bass response while singing along with your favorite songs!


  • 1200 Watts of Power
  • 5 Mic Inputs
  • Powerful and clear Digital Vocal Echo with Repeat and Delay effects
  • 10 band Graphic Equalizer
  • Mid Range Vocal Adjustment
  • Hi and Low Music and Mic Controls
  • Subwoofer Output
  • Mic Output
  • 110V/220
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