Collection: Zippo Lighter - Hộp Quẹt Zippo Made In USA

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Zippo lighters are the epitome of style and functionality. Since 1932, these iconic lighters have been a symbol of reliability and durability. Crafted from high-quality materials, including brass, chrome, and stainless steel, these lighters are built to last a lifetime.

The distinctive "click" of a Zippo lighter opening is immediately recognizable and adds to the overall experience of using a Zippo. Refilling these lighters is easy and convenient, with the fuel source being readily available in many stores.

Zippo lighters are available in a range of designs, from classic solid colors to intricate engravings and designs. You can also personalize your Zippo with a custom engraving, making it a perfect gift for that special someone.

These lighters are not only functional but also a collectible item. Zippo has released hundreds of limited edition lighters over the years, many of which are highly sought after by collectors.

Whether you're a smoker or just in need of a reliable lighter, a Zippo is a must-have accessory. From camping trips to formal events, a Zippo is a versatile tool that will serve you well in any situation.