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Audio 2000's

Audio 2000's AKJ-7047 Digital Key Echo Karaoke Mixer

Audio 2000's AKJ-7047 Digital Key Echo Karaoke Mixer

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The Audio2000'S® AKJ-7047 digital key & echo mixer with on-screen display is one of the most advanced karaoke equipment featuring innovative design and user-friendly functions.

Incorporated with an embedded digital signal processor (DSP), the AKJ-7047 features digital controls with digital/numerical V.F.D. display, microphone echo function, music key control and microphone key control.

The AKJ-7047 features three microphone inputs and four music source inputs. Up to three microphone inputs can be mixed with one of the four music sources. There is a master volume control knob to control the overall sound level. Three individual microphone volume control knobs are featured to adjust each microphone volume individually so that various loudness of individual voice can be compensated as desired. Both the microphone input sound and the music source input sound can have the tone adjusted through the digital adjustment features.

The AKJ-7047 further features a key control function, an echo control function and a voice canceling function. The key control function provides the users the capabilities of adjusting the key of the background music to match the users' voice. The echo control function enables the users to control or adjust the echo volume, the echo delay, and/or the echo repeat. The voice canceling function enhances the users' entertainment capacity by allowing users to remove the multiplexed vocal sound from the background music as desired.

An on-screen display (OSD) feature and a full-function remote control are included for users' conveniences. The AKJ7047 also features the Clock, Wake-Time and Sleep-Time settings to further accommodate the users' daily needs.

In addition, four audio input terminals and three video input terminals enable users to operate up to four audio/video equipment simultaneously. Two video output jacks allow the users to use two TV's or monitors at the same time. A sub-woofer output is provided for connecting the self-powered subwoofer to the AKJ-7047.

The extraordinary features of quality key control with extremely low key-shift distortion, clear/transparent echo sound, versatile performances and function, and rugged/delicate appearance make the AKJ-7047 professional karaoke mixer an outstanding value in any critical karaoke or DJ application.

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