BIC America Acoustech H-100II Cinema Series Powered Subwoofer



Product Details

BIC Acoustech H100II Cinema Series Powered Subwoofer là dòng subwoofer mạnh mẽ, đáp ứng mọi nhu cầu âm thanh của người tiêu dùng. Với thiết kế tinh kế, sang trọng cùng với công suất 500watts chắc chắn sẽ mang đến cho bạn trải nghiệm âm thanh tuyệt vời. 

The BIC Acoustech subwoofer fills the room with clean bass that enhances music or movies. The Cinema Series speakers' deep rumbling bass creates a more exciting home theater sound.

Features & Specifications :

Subwoofer features a sleek cabinet in black, laquered wood
Long-throw 12-inch woofer features vented enclosures
Power: 150 watts RMS, 500 watts peak
Output: 115dB SPL
Frequency response: 24Hz to 200Hz
Crossover frequency: 40Hz to 150Hz
Measures 17 inches high x 15 inches wide x 18.25 inches deep
Item Weight : 45lbs

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