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BMB CSD-2000 12" 1,200W 3-Way Speaker (Pair)

BMB CSD-2000 12" 1,200W 3-Way Speaker (Pair)

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This speaker can be used both for Karaoke and dance music.

This speaker reproduces the ductility of sound in Karaoke and the powerful rhythm of dance music. The realization of these two seemingly completely reversed sounds resulted from several newly-developed technologies.

BMB CSD Series

Available in High Powered 10" and 12" Karaoke speakers
Bigger sound and can handle more volume and power than the BMB CSX series
Equipped with new high volume woofers backed by a sturdy cabinet for sound stability
3-way/5 speakers with tweeters/squawkers set on both sides
Sound directions are set individually for the tweeters/squawkers
Tweeters/squawkers use highly reliable paper cones made in Japan to get high quality sound
There are many features and fine details in every speaker that make BMB the best karaoke speaker.

Double layer wood housing to handle powerful sound output
Speaker cabinet built with interlocking panels to strengthen the assembly as a whole when mounting
Durable mounting options utilizing a special fastener provide safety to the speakers and users
Strongly built speaker frame to join speaker cone and magnet together
Large and strong magnet behind the speaker cone contribute to the high quality sound output
High power, long diameter voice coil built with thick gauge wire
Reliable paper cone made in Japan
Green partner and ROHS Compliant to protect the environment
There are many distinctions as to why you should use a BMB karaoke speaker instead of regular speakers.

BMB Karaoke Speakers:

Vocals Can be mixed to music smoothly and can handle live audio from microphones better
Very wide listening position anywhere in the room
Emphasis on low-bass sound to show music rhythm to singers clearly
Anti-Howling measure for microphone
Play recorded sound sources such as CD and DVD perfectly
Listening/Regular Speakers:

Best listening position is the center of speakers (not wide)
Emphasis on high frequency sounds
Play recorded sound sources such as CD and DVD perfectly
Features & Specifications:

Type: Bass Reflex Type
System: 3 Ways 5 Speakers
Woofer Unit: 30cm Paper Cone Type *1unit
Squawker Unit: 8cm Paper Cone Type *2unit
Tweeter Unit: 8cm Paper Cone Type *2unit
Max Input Power (Pair): 1200W
Rating Input Power (Pair): 500W
Dimensions (Each): 22.36"(L) * 13.78"(W) * 13.23"(H)
Weight (Each): 41 lbs
Impedance: 8 Ω

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