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ImPro, Better Music Builder

House Party Package #03: ImPro PMA-1200 + BetterMusicBuilder CS-612 G5 + Stands + ImPro UHF-77 Wireless Microphones

House Party Package #03: ImPro PMA-1200 + BetterMusicBuilder CS-612 G5 + Stands + ImPro UHF-77 Wireless Microphones

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ImPro PMA-1200 Mixing Amplifier

The world of karaoke is changing with the Impro PMA-1200 Mixing Amplifier. Sing from your Smart TV by easily connecting to the built in digital optical input of the PMA-1200. No TV? No problem. This unit has strong Bluetooth range so you can stream audio from any smart device. Just pair your smart device and you will hear music through the karaoke system. 


Better Music Builder CS-612 G3 600W Speakers (Pair)

Better Music Builder is excited to introduce the next generation of the Classic Series speaker, the CS-612 G5.

The high performance speaker uses dynamic audio computer simulation design technology. It enables the speaker to produce high quality sound, precise clarity and strong reliability. These speakers are made using high temperature treated magnesium diaphragm, voice coil with copper cladding aluminum wire, and compression cavity designed with linear phase technology. Its featured magnetic circuit tweeter generates high magnetic energy, low distortion, excellent ventilation function, and high strength plywood that can absorb unwanted noise for high performance.

Utilizing the added mid frequency tweeter, the 3-way speaker delivers a new dimension to its dynamic sound. The midrange driver is a very significant part of the audio sound spectrum as it creates sounds which are most familiar to the human ear such as musical instruments and human voice.

ImPro UHF-77 Wireless Microphones (Black or Gold).


ImPro UHF-77 Wireless Microphones

Let's be honest: wires are annoying. They get tangled up, they're hard to work with, and you can't really dance around with them. That's where the ImPro UHF-77 comes in.

The ImPro UHF-77 is a wireless microphone system that eliminates any need for wires. This means you can move around onstage (or in your living room) without worrying about what might happen if you get tangled up.

The UHF-77 also has a 6-hour battery life on a full charge, so you don't have to worry about it running out of power mid show or karaoke night. Or board meeting presentation—you know, whatever kind of performances require microphones nowadays.

And the best part? The gain booster means that no matter how much noise is going on around you, your voice will be heard clearly, while the 80 feet range makes sure everyone in the audience can hear you loud and clear too.

With the ImPro UHF-77, you'll never have to deal with messy wires again!

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