House Party Plus Pack #1: ImPro Amp, BetterMusicBuilder Speakers, Stands, Shure BLX Mics & BIC Subwoofer

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Looking to throw an unforgettable house party that's the talk of the town? Our House Party Plus Pack #1 has you covered! This comprehensive karaoke system package is designed to enhance your party atmosphere while delivering high-quality sound.

At the heart of this package is the ImPro PMA-1200 Mixing Amplifier, boasting a whopping 1200 watts of power. This isn't your average amp - connect it to your Smart TV, or stream audio directly from any smart device thanks to its robust Bluetooth capabilities. You'll be belting out your favorite tunes in no time! Plus, with built-in digital vocal echo, a 10 band graphic equalizer, and midrange vocal adjustment, this amplifier lets you customize your sound, whether you're singing a soulful R&B number or a classic country ballad.

For booming vocals and instrumentals, we've included the Better Music Builder CS-612 G5 Vocal Speakers. These are not just speakers, they're a testament to sound technology. High-temperature treated magnesium diaphragm, voice coil with copper cladding aluminum wire, and a compression cavity designed with linear phase technology all contribute to the high-quality sound and precise clarity these speakers produce. Plus, they can handle up to 600 Watts of power - so you know they're ready for any party.

But no house party sound system would be complete without some booming bass. That's why we've added the BIC America H-100II Cinema Series Powered Subwoofer. This sleek, black lacquered subwoofer adds a deep, clean bass that enhances any track, turning your living room into a true home theater experience.

And lastly, we know karaoke is all about the voices. To make sure you're heard, this package comes with your choice of Shure BLX288 Wireless Microphone Systems. Choose from the PG58, SM58, or the Beta58 models. All are easy to set up and designed for clear, warm vocal reproduction. The Beta58 model even offers a tailored frequency response to accentuate vocals and isolate your voice from other sound sources.

With our House Party Plus Pack, you won't just be throwing a house party. You'll be creating an immersive music experience that your guests will remember long after the night is over.


  • Versatile Audio Source Connectivity: The package includes the ImPro PMA-1200 Mixing Amplifier with a digital optical input for Smart TV connection and robust Bluetooth capabilities. Stream music from any smart device, ensuring endless entertainment and variety for your parties.
  • Top-Notch Sound Quality: The Better Music Builder CS-612 G5 Vocal Speakers provide precise clarity, high output SPL, and sensitivity due to their high-temperature treated magnesium diaphragm and copper wired voice coil. This ensures exceptional sound quality for your karaoke sessions.
  • Deep Bass Enhancement: The BIC America H-100II Cinema Series Powered Subwoofer enhances your audio experience with clean, deep bass. This powerful subwoofer transforms your space into a true home theater, adding depth and intensity to your favorite tunes.
  • Customizable Vocals: The ImPro PMA-1200 Mixing Amplifier provides a built-in digital vocal echo, a 10 band graphic equalizer, and midrange vocal adjustment. You can tailor your sound to suit your taste and genre, elevating your karaoke performances.
  • Wireless Microphone Options: Depending on your preference, choose from the PG58, SM58, or Beta58 Shure BLX288 Wireless Microphone Systems. Each delivers warm and clear vocal reproduction, with the Beta58 offering a tailored frequency response to accentuate vocals. Enjoy the freedom of wireless technology as you move and sing.

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