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ImPro DFN-800 Defender Feedback Reducer

ImPro DFN-800 Defender Feedback Reducer

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Stop feedback once and for all with the DFN-800 Feedback Reducer. The DFN-800 by ImPro is an automatic feedback reducer that helps stop the loud and noisy feedback sound from your system. It is specifically created to help stop the loud screeching sound that microphones make. Feedback is caused when microphone sound is amplified over and over through a speaker system, causing a high-pitched noise. Just plug and use with any microphone system and sound system.


  • Power Suppy Mode: AC~110V-230V, 50/60Hz
  • Frequency Shift 5Hz +- 1Hz
  • Sound Gain increase 5-14dB
  • Line Input Impedance > 5KΩ
  • Line Output Impedance < 600Ω

Frequency Response:

  • Non-Frequency Shifting State: 20Hz-20KHz
  • Frequency Shifting State: 150Hz-15KHz
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