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ImPro Epic Party Bundle 2 Plus with Mixing Amplifier, Speakers, Subwoofer, Microphones, and Accessories (6 Items)

ImPro Epic Party Bundle 2 Plus with Mixing Amplifier, Speakers, Subwoofer, Microphones, and Accessories (6 Items)

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ImPro UHF-88MXR Color

The ImPro Epic Party Bundle Plus is a meticulously curated collection of top-tier audio equipment, designed to transform any gathering into an unforgettable experience. This comprehensive package, featuring the ImPro PMA-9800, VS-1400, UHF-88MXR, ST-680, and the BIC H-100 subwoofer, offers an unparalleled blend of power, clarity, and versatility, making it the ultimate choice for those who demand nothing but the best in audio entertainment.

At the core of this bundle is the PMA-9800, a professional karaoke mixing amplifier that sets the standard in audio performance. With its powerful 1600W output and superior sound quality, this amplifier elevates the audio experience, whether it's for karaoke enthusiasts, live performances, or high-energy music playback. Complementing the amplifier are the VS-1400 speakers, boasting a 3-way design with a 12" woofer and multiple drivers that ensure every note and lyric is delivered with crystal-clear precision, enveloping your space with rich, full-bodied sound.

Adding to the bundle's allure is the UHF-88MXR, a set of wireless microphones that offer the freedom to move and interact with your audience, enhancing the engagement and excitement of any event. The convenience of Bluetooth connectivity and the built-in echo effect bring a professional karaoke experience right into your venue. Meanwhile, the ImPro ST-680 speaker stands, with their robust design and universal mounting brackets, provide secure and flexible positioning for optimal sound coverage.

The crowning jewel of the Epic Party Bundle Plus is the BIC H-100 subwoofer. This powerhouse of deep, rumbling bass complements the crisp highs and mids of the speakers, creating a fully immersive audio experience that captures the essence of live performances and the heart-pounding excitement of cinematic soundtracks.

Together, these components form the ImPro Epic Party Bundle Plus, a synergistic ensemble that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of audiophiles, party planners, and entertainment venues alike. It's more than just a collection of equipment; it's a gateway to a world of epic sound, where every event becomes a memorable auditory journey. This bundle isn't just about listening to music; it's about experiencing it in its most vibrant and exhilarating form.


  1. Integrated Professional Audio Experience: The ImPro Epic Party Bundle Plus is anchored by the PMA-9800 Professional Karaoke Mixing Amplifier, boasting a robust 1600W power output for superior audio clarity. Its sophisticated equalizer system and intelligent echo control are specifically tailored for karaoke, ensuring every performance resonates with professional-quality sound. The VS-1400 speakers complement this with their 3-way design and PTC protection circuitry, delivering not just power but also fidelity and protection at high volumes.

  2. Seamless Connectivity and User Control: With the inclusion of the UHF-88MXR wireless microphones, this bundle eliminates the constraints of cables, facilitating ease of movement and interaction. The Bluetooth functionality allows for wireless streaming from devices, creating a seamless integration for a dynamic audio experience. The amplifier's multiple input channels and dedicated microphone volume controls offer users unparalleled control over their sound environment.

  3. Enhanced Audio Immersion: Dive into the depths of sound with the BIC H-100 subwoofer. Its long-throw 12-inch woofer and vented enclosures are engineered to produce clean, powerful bass, pushing the limits of auditory experience to new heights. Whether for music or movies, the deep, rumbling bass ensures a rich, room-filling sound that turns any listening session into an epic event.

  4. Robust and Adaptable Design: The ImPro ST-680 speaker stands are a testament to durability and versatility. Capable of supporting weights up to 80lbs and adjustable up to seven feet, these stands offer stability and adaptability in any setting. Their universal mounting bracket ensures compatibility with a wide range of speakers, which means setting up for your event is hassle-free, regardless of the venue.

  5. Aesthetic and Functional Harmony: The VS-1400 speakers are not only aurally impressive but also visually striking with their piano wood finish, adding an element of sophistication to any space. The entire bundle is designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functionally superior, ensuring that the equipment enhances the venue's atmosphere while providing an exceptional audio experience.

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