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ImPro Epic Party Bundle 2 with Mixing Amplifier, Speakers, Microphones, and Accessories (5 Items)

ImPro Epic Party Bundle 2 with Mixing Amplifier, Speakers, Microphones, and Accessories (5 Items)

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ImPro UHF-88MXR Color

Unleash the ultimate audio experience with the ImPro Epic Party Bundle, a comprehensive collection of high-end karaoke and sound equipment designed to transform any gathering into a legendary event. This meticulously curated set embodies the pinnacle of audio engineering, bringing together the best of ImPro's innovative technology and design to cater to both audiophiles and casual listeners alike.

At the core of the bundle is the Professional Karaoke Mixing Amplifier, the PMA-9800, a powerhouse of sound that anchors the system with its robust output and crystal-clear audio reproduction. Complementing this are the VS-1400 speakers, which not only exude elegance with their piano wood finish but are acoustically engineered to fill any room with rich, immersive sound, ensuring every lyric and note is felt in the heart of the listener.

The wireless freedom comes alive with the UHF-88MXR microphones, liberating performers from the tangle of cords and allowing the music and voice to take center stage. Whether it's a spontaneous duet or a heartfelt solo, these mics are the perfect sidekicks, delivering flawless sound with a touch of built-in reverb to elevate every performance.

Supporting this stellar lineup is the ImPro ST-680 Speaker Stand, a paragon of versatility and strength. These stands not only ensure that your sound is projected from the ideal height and angle but also promise a reliable and sturdy foundation for the VS-1400 speakers, matching the system's superior acoustics with equally superior stability.

Together, the ImPro Epic Party Bundle stands not just as a set of equipment but as a gateway to an unforgettable auditory journey. Whether it's powering a karaoke night, amplifying a DJ set, or enhancing a public speaking event, this bundle is crafted to ensure that every occasion is not only heard but truly felt, making every gathering nothing short of epic.


  1. Immersive Sound Engineering: At the heart of the Epic Party Bundle is the PMA-9800 Professional Karaoke Mixing Amplifier, boasting a formidable 1600W of power that delivers audio with unmatched clarity and volume. Paired with the VS-1400 speakers, featuring a dynamic array of drivers and a top-mounted tweeter, the bundle ensures a full spectrum of sound - from deep, pulsating bass to crystal-clear highs. This synergy is designed to minimize distortion and maintain sound fidelity, even at peak volumes, making it ideal for any setting that demands superior sound quality.

  2. Wireless Microphone Mastery: Elevate the freedom of performance with the UHF-88MXR wireless microphones, offering a generous 80-foot range and 6 hours of battery life. These mics not only allow for untethered movement but also boast selectable frequencies for clear transmission and a built-in echo feature for that professional touch. With Bluetooth compatibility, they seamlessly integrate with mobile devices, ensuring your playlist is only a tap away.

  3. Elegant Design and Build: The VS-1400 speakers stand out with their luxurious piano wood finish, combining aesthetics with acoustic precision. The rugged metal body of the PMA-9800 amplifier and the robust design of the ST-680 speaker stands testify to the bundle's durability, engineered to withstand the rigors of frequent usage while maintaining a professional appearance that complements any venue.

  4. Adaptable Setup and Connectivity: Flexibility is key in the Epic Party Bundle. The PMA-9800's multiple input channels, including four microphone inputs and Bluetooth connectivity, offer a plug-and-play experience for various devices. The ST-680 speaker stands add another layer of adaptability, featuring an adjustable tripod and universal mounting bracket, ensuring a perfect fit for the VS-1400 speakers and easy integration into any space.

  5. Professional Audio Control: Fine-tune your sound with the PMA-9800's sophisticated equalizer system, allowing for meticulous adjustments to bass, midrange, and treble frequencies. This, coupled with intelligent echo control and dedicated volume knobs for each microphone input, grants the user full command over the audio output, ensuring a custom, high-fidelity audio experience tailored to any event or preference.

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