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ImPro PMA-9800 1600W Mixing Amplifier Bundle with ImPro UHF-88MXR Wireless Microphones

ImPro PMA-9800 1600W Mixing Amplifier Bundle with ImPro UHF-88MXR Wireless Microphones

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Elevate your audio experience with the ultimate performance duo: the ImPro UHF-88MXR Wireless Microphones and the ImPro PMA-9800 1600W Mixing Amplifier. Seamlessly blend the freedom of wireless connectivity with the robust power of a professional mixing amplifier in one comprehensive bundle. With the UHF-88MXR's exceptional 80-foot range and built-in Bluetooth capabilities, you're free to roam the stage while delivering impeccable sound from any corner of the room. The microphone system's rechargeable design and echo effect amplify your voice with clarity and a touch of studio magic, minus the clutter of cables.

Complementing the wireless ease is the PMA-9800 Mixing Amplifier, the heart of audio excellence. This powerhouse commands attention with its 1600W output, ensuring your sound cuts through with precision whether in karaoke sessions, public speaking, or live performances. Its intelligent echo control and versatile connectivity are designed for professional settings, while the sophisticated equalizer system offers unparalleled control over your audio environment.

Together, these two state-of-the-art audio solutions offer an unmatched combination that promises to deliver a memorable sound experience, every time. The perfect pair for entertainers, venues, and audio aficionados who refuse to compromise on quality and demand the best in audio technology.


  1. Unbridled Wireless Performance: The ImPro UHF-88MXR Microphones offer an impressive 80-foot operational range, ensuring your mobility and engagement with the audience are never hindered. Dual microphones with selectable UHF frequencies deliver uninterrupted, high-fidelity audio, perfect for dynamic duets and interactive sessions. With a substantial 6-hour battery life and rechargeable convenience, these microphones are always performance-ready.

  2. Seamless Audio Integration: This bundle brings together the wireless adaptability of the UHF-88MXR and the robust sound amplification of the PMA-9800. With the microphones' Bluetooth compatibility and the amplifier’s multiple input channels, including four dedicated microphone inputs, your setup can accommodate a variety of sound sources and collaborations, ensuring every performance is uniquely tailored to your audience.

  3. Superior Sound Clarity and Echo Effects: The ImPro UHF-88MXR's built-in echo feature and the PMA-9800's digital echo control work in tandem to produce a rich, professional karaoke sound. The echo effects can be finely tuned to suit the venue, adding depth and resonance to your performance, while the PMA-9800's 1600W power output delivers your sound with exceptional clarity and volume, even at peak levels.

  4. Sophisticated Sound Sculpting: With the PMA-9800's comprehensive tone adjustment capabilities, fine-tune your sound to perfection. The sophisticated equalizer system allows for detailed adjustments to bass, midrange, and treble frequencies, ensuring that whether it’s music or spoken word, the audio is customized to the occasion and genre, offering a high-fidelity experience.

  5. Durability and Ease of Use: Both the UHF-88MXR microphones and the PMA-9800 amplifier boast a durable design built for the rigors of frequent use. The microphones come in sleek black or gold options, while the amplifier's rugged metal body is built to last. The user-friendly interfaces, including intuitive controls and clear displays, allow for quick adjustments mid-performance, keeping you in control of the audio experience without missing a beat.

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