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ImPro ST-680 Speaker Stand with Universal Mounting Bracket

ImPro ST-680 Speaker Stand with Universal Mounting Bracket

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The ImPro ST-680, a speaker stand designed for maximum versatility and durability. Engineered to support weights of up to 80lbs, this stand is a reliable choice for a diverse range of speakers.

Crafted with an adjustable tripod, the ImPro ST-680 ensures stability and firm placement in various settings. Its height can be conveniently modified up to a towering seven feet, offering flexibility and catering to different acoustic preferences.

Notably, the ImPro ST-680 is equipped with a universal mounting bracket, a standout feature that allows it to accommodate speakers with or without dedicated mounting points. This bracket hosts an array of holes designed to lock in virtually any speaker securely. Once fastened, the bracket effortlessly situates on the stand, providing an easy and effective solution for speaker placement.

In conclusion, the ImPro ST-680 Speaker Stand with Universal Mounting Bracket stands as a testament to adaptability and robustness. It carries a commitment to deliver steadfast support and a wide range of height options, backed by the practicality of a universal mounting bracket. With these features, this speaker stand ensures compatibility and ease of use with numerous speaker models, promising a seamless audio experience.


  • Robust Design: The ImPro ST-680 Speaker Stand boasts an exceptional strength capacity, engineered to accommodate speakers weighing up to 80lbs. Its durable construction assures reliable support for an array of speaker models.
  • Adjustable Tripod: Crafted with adaptability in mind, the stand features an adjustable tripod that ensures steady placement across varied surfaces, contributing to enhanced stability and optimal sound delivery.
  • Versatile Height Range: The ImPro ST-680 offers a wide spectrum of height options, with adjustability up to seven feet. This feature caters to diverse acoustic needs, allowing for tailored sound direction and optimal audio experiences.
  • Universal Mounting Bracket: The stand is equipped with a unique universal mounting bracket, designed to secure virtually any speaker model. Whether a speaker has a dedicated mounting point or not, this feature provides an effective solution for secure and straightforward speaker placement.
  • Wide Compatibility: Owing to the inclusion of the versatile mounting bracket, the ImPro ST-680 Speaker Stand ensures broad compatibility. The stand facilitates the mounting of an extensive range of speaker models, making it an adaptable choice for various audio setups.
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