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Shure DFR-22 Audio Processor with Feedback Reducer (Silver Edition)

Shure DFR-22 Audio Processor with Feedback Reducer (Silver Edition)

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DFR-22 của Shure là bộ xử lý âm thanh kỹ thuật số với tính năng giảm feedback, và được xem là một trong những chiếc máy chống hú được ưa chuộng cho các ứng dụng nhạc sống. Máy dễ sử dụng cũng như cài đặt  và đảm bảo chất lượng tốt nhất cho dàn âm thanh.


The DFR22 from Shure is a two-input, two-output digital audio processor with feedback reduction. It features a software interface with "drag and drop" controlled set-up and is ideal for installed sound reinforcement applications such as houses of worship, theaters and meeting facilities. The unit is also a powerful setup tool in live music applications.

Using the graphical user interface, processors can be placed anywhere in the signal path. The 2 x 2 matrix mixer allows either or both inputs to be routed to either or both outputs, with additional controls for levels and polarity. The unit stores sixteen presets and provides 24-bit conversion, 48kHz sampling and a minimum dynamic range of 100dB.

The computer interface for the DFR22 mimics the functional block diagrams used in sound system design. This makes the software incredibly easy to learn, because the interface seems immediately familiar to sound professionals. Presets can be built and edited entirely by clicking, dragging and dropping with the mouse.

A security feature ensures that the device cannot be tampered with after it is installed. User access can be completely restricted so that the user cannot change any settings, or use the front panel controls. End-user control can also be customized to allow access to certain settings and not to others.

  • Digital feedback reducer, in both mono and stereo processors
  • Automatic gain control
  • Combining and non-combining ten- and thirty-band graphic equalizers
  • Three- to ten-band parametric equalizers with cut and shelf filters
  • Two-way crossover and splitter
  • Subwoofer control
  • Gate/downward expander
  • Mono and stereo compressor/limiter with soft knee option
  • Ducker
  • Peak stop limiter
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