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Better Music Builder, BIC America, ImPro

Singer's Paradise Plus: Complete Karaoke System with 1400W Mixing Amplifier, Microphones, 3-Way Speakers, and Subwoofer

Singer's Paradise Plus: Complete Karaoke System with 1400W Mixing Amplifier, Microphones, 3-Way Speakers, and Subwoofer

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Introducing the Singer's Paradise: Complete Karaoke System. This all-inclusive setup will transport you to a world of musical delight, promising you a one-of-a-kind experience that resonates with the echoes of every note you sing. With its potent combination of a 1400W Mixing Amplifier, Microphones, and 3-Way Speakers, this professional-grade package ensures a stellar performance that will make you feel like a star.

At the heart of the system is the Better Music Builder M-7 Pro Digital Speaker Management Amplifier, a multi-dimensional device brimming with innovative features for ultimate flexibility and performance. Complementing this are the powerful ImPro VS-1400 3-Way Vocal Speakers, which deliver unparalleled sound fidelity for the most discerning singers. To round off the package, we've included the adaptable and sturdy ImPro ST-680 Speaker Stands with Universal Mounting Brackets, securing your speakers while providing optimal sound projection. In the Singer's Paradise, every performance becomes a memorable event, taking you and your audience on an enchanting journey of rhythm and melody.


  • Better Music Builder M-7 Pro 1200W Digital Speaker Management Amplifier providing high flexibility and adaptability for a wide range of applications.
  • Advanced speaker management technology and touch panel display for user-friendly interactions.
  • Four HDMI input terminals that allow for simultaneous video and audio playback from various sources including Bluetooth, USB, Optical, VOD, and AUX.
  • Seven input options and two wireless microphones with advanced connectivity for versatile performance.
  • Industry-leading DSP suite software for high-accuracy signal decoding and a rich sound field.
  • ImPro VS-1400 12" 3-Way 1400W Vocal Speakers, engineered specifically for vocalists and featuring a warm piano wood finish.
  • Speakers equipped with a 12" coated woofer, four 3" cone mid/high drivers, and a 1" top-mounted tweeter for superior sound quality.
  • PTC protection circuitry to safeguard against blown tweeters during long sessions of high volume use.
  • ImPro ST-680 Speaker Stand, capable of supporting up to 80lbs, adjustable up to seven feet in height for versatile setup.
  • Universal mounting bracket on the speaker stand to accommodate a wide array of speakers.
  • Compliance with FCC regulations regarding the frequency range for wireless microphone use.
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