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VocoPro DA-3700 Pro Karaoke Mixing Amplifier

VocoPro DA-3700 Pro Karaoke Mixing Amplifier

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Vocopro DA-3700 là một trong những mixing amplifier được ưa chuộng không những dành cho dàn karaoke gia đình mà còn cho những dàn nhạc biểu diễn trung bình. DA-3700 bao gồm 2 inputs RCA giúp chuyển đổi nguồn như nguồn dành cho DVD, CD+G, hay dành cho VCD, v..v. Bên cạnh đó, máy còn có 3 nguồn output RCA dành cho thu âm (recording devices), amplifier, và mixer; 2 nguồn video RCA input/output dành cho việc kết nối với TV hay thiết bị giám sát (monitor device). DA-3700 còn có tính năng điều chỉnh âm thanh của giọng hát cũng như của nhạc. 


The DA-3700 is a 200W digital karaoke mixing amplifier that is great for both home use as well small to medium gigs. You can connect two stereo audio sources and two microphones. Both music and microphone channels have 3-band EQ control for custom sound. Singers will love the digital echo that includes high, low, repeat and delay controls. Just in case you want to add more effects, there are effect loop and mic insert jacks on the rear panel. A handy +/- 4 step digital key controller is onboard to change the key of the music so a song will never be out of your vocal range. The DA-3700 combines home entertainment capabilities with professional features providing a powerful, yet easy to use system for any vocal setup.

  • 120W + 120W at 4-Ohm maximum power output
  • 100W + 100W at 8-Ohm maximum power output
  • 9-step Digital Key Control
  • 2 unbalanced 1/4" microphone inputs with -20dB gain pad, Volume, Balance, Echo and 3-way EQ controls on each channel
  • 2 Switchable RCA A/V inputs for source players (DVD, CD+G, VCD, etc.)
  • 3 RCA audio outputs (Record, Line and Microphone) for output to recording devices, amplifiers and mixers
  • 2 RCA Video Inputs/Output for video connection to a TV or monitor device
  • Effects Loop for Integration of Outboard Effect Units
  • Master Volume, Balance and Low/High Frequency Controls for Input Source Music
  • Master Lo/Hi Frequency, Repeat and Delay Echo controls
  • 2-Way Binding Post Speaker Outputs
  • 110V-220V Compatible
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