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VocoPro DTX-9900K Key Control Mixing Amplifier with Dolby AC-3 EX

VocoPro DTX-9900K Key Control Mixing Amplifier with Dolby AC-3 EX

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We are proud to introduce to you, the world's first Vocal Mixing Amplifier with built-in Dolby AC-3 EX and DTS-ES Digital Home Theater Decoders. Offering cinema-like 6.1 channel output and powerful 24-bit DSP processing, you can experience cinema quality sound right in your own living room. The DTX-9900K has a full array of digital and analog audio/video jacks, system integration with high-end players, TV's and speaker systems is easy and worry-free. A full compliment of vocal features abound, like customizable Digital Echo, Digital Key Control and multiple DSP vocal effects (including several cool vocal Reverb modes). Three microphone inputs are on-board with numerous customizable settings and you can even select to have the vocals audible only through the center or front speakers for sound control, or all the speakers for maximum sound coverage. The DTX-9900K is truly a state-of-the-art machine, ready to exceed your home theater and vocal needs in style.


  • 120W Max x6 in Surround Mode 150W Max x2 in Stereo Mode
  • 5-Mode, 24-Bit DSP Reverb and Professional Digital Echo for Superior Vocal Enhancement
  • 12-Step Digital Key Control
  • Dolby 6.1 Ch. Inputs and Pre-Amp Outputs for Home Theatre Connection
  • Three Microphone Inputs with 2 Individual Volume Controls
  • 2 Digital Inputs: 2 Coaxial and 2 Optical
  • Four A/V Inputs for Source Devices (RCA)
  • Effect Loop for External Effects Integration
  • Full-function Remote Control for Operation of All Features


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