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VocoPro HV-1200 High Power PA Vocal Mixing Amplifier

VocoPro HV-1200 High Power PA Vocal Mixing Amplifier

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Vocopro HV-1200 trở thành một trong những mixing amplifier được ưa chuộng dành cho những dàn nhạc chuyên dùng cho karaoke. HV-1200 sử dụng DSP Echo/Reverb board nhằm mang đến những hiệu ứng âm thanh hoàn hảo nhất. Bên cạnh đó, máy còn có chức năng hạn chế tạp âm cũng như feedback cho âm thanh. Chính vì vậy, với HV-1200 của Vocopro, quí khách sẽ có một dàn âm thanh hoàn hảo như ý muốn.  

World's First Vocal Mixing Amplifier Designed for P.A. Speakers! If you are a working KJ, you know the importance of a solid, dependable power amplifier. Most vocal mixing amplifiers are designed for home use or to work with small KTV boxes, so they usually are built with fewer power amp ICs and are simply unreliable when powering large P.A. speakers. VocoPro had many requests from club KJs for a solid P.A.- style mixing amplifier. Our answer is the HV-1200, a true high power PA vocal mixing amplifier. The HV-1200 utilizes our proven VX-600PRO power amplifier designed with five-way protection circuitry, making this a high power workhorse. It's also a first class mixer using VocoPro's own DSP Echo / Reverb board for the highest standard in vocal effects. There is even a built in compressor to prevent distortion from excessive vocals on all microphone channels. So if you work hard for your gig, why not get an amplifier that will work as hard as you.


  •  300W + 300W RMS Power Output
  •  600W + 600W Max Power Output
  •  5-Way Protection Circuitry Ensures Proper Power System Performance
  •  8 Step Digital Key Controller for Adjusting the Musical Key to Fit Your Vocal Range
  •  7-Band Graphic Equalizer to Fine Tune the Sound of Your Source Audio
  •  Master Level Music, Mic & Effect Controls
  •  4 RCA A/V Input Channels
  •  Built-in Compressor for Preventing Audio Peaks on Mic Channels
  •  Digital Reverb & Echo Vocal Effects for Professional Sounding Vocals
  •  4 Microphone Channels with 1/4" and XLR Input Jacks and 3-Way Tone Controls
  •  Vocal Cancel & Vocal Eliminator Audio Modes for Removing Vocals from Source Audio
  •  Music & Microphone Loop Channels for External Effects Integration
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