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VocoPro VHF-4005 4-Channel VHF Wireless Microphones Rechargeable System

VocoPro VHF-4005 4-Channel VHF Wireless Microphones Rechargeable System

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VHF - 4005 gồm4 micro có thể sạc lại có thể điều chỉnh giọng hát của bạn và hệ thống micro có thể xử lý mọi tình huống. VHF - 4005 là sự lựa chọn đáng tin cậy cho những người tìm kiếm hệ thống mic đơn giản mà chất lượng

The VHF-4005 is another entry in VocoPro's long line of quality rechargeable wireless microphone systems. This quad channel microphone system is easy to set up and even easier to use; the receiver provides an output for each microphone signal for maximum mixer control as well as a mixed output for a quick setup. Add in 4 rechargeable microphones that are specifically tuned to get the best out of your vocal performance and you have a microphone system that can handle any situation. The VHF-4005 is the reliable choice for those looking for a simple to use mic system without sacrificing quality


  • Each Microphone Has An Independent Channel Volume
  • Sturdy VHF Microphones Take Two AA Rechargeable Batteries (Included)
  • Flexible Output Jacks With A Single 1/4" Mixed Output And 4 Independent XLR Outputs
  • Optional Wireless Headset Bodypack Available
  • Includes One 1/4" Patch Cable
  • Includes Two Microphone Charging Docks

Rear Panel Connections:

  • 4 XLR outputs
  • 1/4" mixed output
  • Power Input
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